Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson co-founded NOLAN CARTER Architectural Design in 2015 with an idea of creating an architectural firm that is accountable to the client first and foremost.  Ian is the Principal Architect and Vice President of NOLAN CARTER.   Ian has over twenty years of experience in the architectural construction and related technologies.  During that time Ian built a unique skill set that combines practical construction knowledge with design abilities.  Ian dedicates himself to high level design and project accountability.  Extreme pride is taken in helping his client create a vision and see that vision through to completion.  Ian has strong leadership qualifications and a proven ability to manage the daily operations of a fast-paced project.  Since its conception in 2015, NOLAN CARTER has worked with many clients from varying backgrounds.  Ian has found a niche in the dental community, having completed various projects from remodels of existing clinics to new ground up facilities. He enjoys helping find functionality in a design that helps improve the daily life of doctors, their staff, and patients.  Ian currently serves as the Vice President of the American Institute of Architects Northeast Wisconsin Chapter.  He also serves as a board member for the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Architectural Advisory Committee.