About the Wisconsin Dental Advisory Committee

Our purpose is to develop a strong and effective advisory group that can be a tremendous asset to both new and well-established dentists throughout Wisconsin.  Our governing body is responsible for the overall well-being of the agency by establishing and maintaining the WDAC’s vision, mission, and values, as well as setting strategic direction, monitoring progress, and ensuring the growth of the agency.

Committee Members

Tate Boho

Design 2 Construct

Josh Bruckmoser

Advantage Technologies
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Percy Chaby

PerCSoft Consulting

Meghan Conger

Conger Consulting

Steve Daggett

D&S Dental Lab – President

Dave Dahler

Bank of America

Jenn Frank

Wells Fargo

Dr. Joe Gaffney


Dr. Chris Hanson

General Dentist

Alan Hathaway

BrownBoots Interactive, Inc.
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Paul Holt


Dr. Chris Hutton

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Corey Jameson-Kuehl

Custom Dental Solutions
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Carl Johnson

Arrow Advisors

Ryan Keshemberg

Keshemberg Advisory
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Mark King

King Legal
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andy lehmkuhl

Andy Lehmkuhl

Edge Advisors
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Jessica Lehmkuhl

Edge Transitions
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Chris Manske

Keller, Inc.

Will McKinley

Menn Law Firm

Dr. Jeff Moos

Past CEO Midwest Dental / Moos-e Advising

Mike Muellenbach

Patterson Dental

Dan Paulson


Bob Poch

Keller, Inc.

Kara Tess

Edge Advisors
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Mary Toshner-Sykes

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Dr. Robert Trettin

Forward Dental President (DSO)

Dr. John Triggs

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Robb Warren

General Dentist

Marshall Watry

Edge Advisors
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Brandan Weller

Henry Schein

Dr. Andrew Welles

DentalBlackBook.com / Staffing Agency
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Tom Whalen

Edge Advisors
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Ian Wilson

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Dr. Erin Winn

Pediatric Dentist
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