Hiring a new employee can be daunting.  What requirements do you have in place to protect your business from turn over, embezzlement, and people with poor work ethic?

Our dental business’ are our heart and soul, yet so often we want to take the easy way out by hiring a friend of a friend, or not thoroughly checking references “because they worked at another dental office.”  Here are 10 recommendations for your next hiring process:

  1. Check the photo ID accuracy.
  2. Truly verify the last 5 years of employment history.
  3. Use phone numbers of the previous employment location, rather then what is on the resume.
  4. Ask “would you re-hire this person?”
  5. Ask “Can you please give me the actual start and end dates this person was employed?”
  6. Resumes with gaps of more than 2 months need verification (ie: proof they were out of the workforce for a move or family needs).
  7. Pre-screen dug test
  8. Credit check for any position in your business to verify lifestyle.
  9. If the candidate requests confidentially from current employer; tell them that if there is a job offer there will be verification follow up from current employer.
  10. Provide office manual for review prior to job offer, so the expectations are clear from the beginning.

Guard your business!  Be more diligent in your hiring process.  For further assistance contact Corinne Jameson-Kuehl at corey@customdentalsolutions.com